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my plan is foolproof

squee with me now...

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i was always like this
I dabble in many fandoms and have new obsessions on a weekly basis. Currently obsessed with Fast & Furious, Hawaii Five-0, Tron and Tron: Legacy, Generation Kill, True Blood, Inception, Tom Hardy, Farscape, SG-1, SGA, Stargate Universe, Star Trek, Supernatural. (Whew!) Feel free to friend me, no need to ask. I'll usually friend back but if I don't it's because I probably haven't realized it. Just drop me a comment :) I make vids, fanmixes, and write the occasional fic.

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At mfoxxy_ic.
alex krycek, apoptygma berzerk, band of brothers, batman, batman/joker, battlestar galactica, bee/sam, ben browder, boondock saints, brian kinney, brian molko, brian/dom, bruce wayne, bsg, cable/deadpool, callum keith rennie, casino royale, castiel, chris pine, christian bale, christian kane, clark kent, clex, constantine, cookleta, damian lewis, dan/casey, daniel craig, dante/vergil, david archuleta, david cook, david duchovny, dc comics, deadpool, dean winchester, dean/castiel, dean/sam, devil may cry, doctor who, dom/brian, due south, equilibrium, farscape, fast and furious, fast five, fastlane, firefly, fox mulder, hard core logo, hollyoaks, inception, j2, jack harkness, jack sparrow/james norrington, jack/ianto, jackie earle haley, james bond, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, jeremy renner, joe flanigan, john constantine, john glover, joseph gordon-levitt, josh charles, jrock, jsquared, kara thrace, keanu reeves, kirk/mccoy, kirk/spock, la femme nikita, lee adama, lex luthor, lionel luthor, mac/vic, mads mikkelsen, mal/jayne, mavid, merlin/arthur, michael johns, michael rosenbaum, mike/chester, misha collins, mitchell/sheppard, morgana la fey, mulder/krycek, nicholas lea, nick lea, norman reedus, nsync, once a thief, owen/ianto, placebo, poppy z. brite, popslash, preston/partridge, queer as folk, reading, rorschach/nite owl, rps, ryan reynolds, sam winchester, sam/dean, savage garden, sean bean, sean patrick flanery, serenity, seth/ryan, sg-1, sharon/helo, slash, smallville, sports night, star trek 2009, stargate atlantis, stargate universe, steve carlson, storm constantine, superman, supernatural, swat, the dark knight, the gazette, the oc, the prophecy, tom hardy, tom welling, torchwood, transformers, viggo mortensen, vin diesel, vnv nation, watchmen, willem dafoe, wintersnixon, world of warcraft, wreaththu, writing, x-files

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