Started a new job recently. It is a lot of work. I am still adjusting. Life is hard :(

Other than that, been playing ME3 and multiplayer to take my mind off of real life. Played The Citadel DLC and hands down, my favorite ME DLC ever. I loved the twist. And everything and everybody. Mass Effect, I have never loved one as much as I do you. I will never let you go. Not until they shut off the servers and pry you from my cold dead hands <3

still here

Bah. Still here. Haven't done anything creative in a while..which is why this journal has been pretty sparse lately. Still playing ME3 multiplayer. And watching lots of Youtube. I think I might try to get back into vidding. It's been more than a year, I believe.. Or close to anyway. Yikes. I have the perfect song for a Once Upon A Time (Belle/Rumple) vid.. I'm dying to make it. Hope everyone is doing well. Just ignore me :) Popping in to keep this darn journal alive and to say hi, hope you are doing well.

once upon a time

Have become obsessed with this show..and infatuated (yet again) by Robert Carlyle. He never ceases to amaze me he is absolutely marvelous in everything he does <3

...*suddenly very nostalgic for SGU*

writing again..wuhh?

I've been playing a lot of Mass Effect multiplayer, it is GLORIOUS. If you play on the PC, give me a holler. I am mostly a bronze-silver type, though I would like to try Gold someday soon it's just I don't want to be too much of a noob in a pug lobby.

In other news, have started writing again, a fic about my two favorite vanguards in MP - the Phoenix and Slayer :D Up to 4 pages, 2000+ words... most I've written in nearly a year? Yea, that's sad... I don't even know if it's crap, it very well could be.

ME3 multiplayer

Also, the one weekend I decide to play MP, and we failed the objective. BOO.

It may be the last time I'm able to play for a while. Busy moving, oy!
cam mitchell

when life happens *really* happens. It's been a long time since my last post (months?), I'm so sorry for not keeping up with everyone! I have been busy with life and when not absorbed in that, I've been playing ME3 and reading Shep/Kaidan and just generally wishing I could be a space marine :)

Parkour and martial arts classes are hopefully giving me super-hero like abilities, in addition to putting on a little muscle and losing a bit of fat.

Have you seen the Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn trailer? It looks SO BADASS AMAZING. I literally had a nerdgasm. I mean, I haven't been this excited for anything since ME3 released.

Also, thank you SDCC for the Deadpool: The Game trailer.

Finally, excited about PAX next month. I will take ALL THE PICTURES of awesome Mass Effect cosplays and generally be a complete stalker-fangirl.

Oh, and, we bought a house? So yeah, LIFE. *hand-flailing*

Hope everyone is doing well!


My first time going to Sakura-con this weekend!


Friday - Casual Shepard (urban camo pants + N7 hoodie)
Saturday - Altair, Assassin's Creed
Sunday - Desmond Miles, Assassin's Creed

WOOT WOOT :D Pics of course will follow.

ME3 soundtrack

I keep listening to the ME3 soundtrack and want to bawl at the same time as I am getting nostalgic and happy and it's like this WAR OF EMOTIONS inside.