vid: jungle (my head is a..) - Sherlock BBC (Sherlock/John)

This song is absolutely gorgeous and moody and was the catalyst for this vid. It screamed Sherlock to me.

Sherlock BBC, Sherlock/John
Song by Emma Louise
Angst, Romance, Friendship

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In a dark room, we fight
Make up for our love
I've been thinking, thinking about you, about us.
And we're moving, slow
Our hearts beat so fast
I've been dreaming, dreaming about you, about us.
My head is a jungle, jungle.
My head.
We're speaking, soft
See the pain in your eyes
I've been feeling, feeling for you, my love.
And our bodies, are tired
Our shadows will dance
I've been aching, aching for you, my love.
My head is a jungle, jungle.
My head.
My love is wasted sorry for this I never meant to be hurting ourselves, hurting ourselves.
And I'm complicated you won't get me I have trouble understanding myself, understanding myself.
My head is a jungle, jungle.

Comments are greatly appreciated :)

It's been over a year since my last vid. Wow.
Thank you for watching, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Really appreciate the feedback! Most of the work is done by the song, which is just perfect... :)
Very nicely done. I love your song choice and you did a great job of editing! Thanks for sharing it. We can't have enough good videos for this fandom in my opinion.
This was really great! I loved the feeling of getting glimpses of what it's like to be in Sherlock's head. Nice work!
Thanks! For watching and the feedback. Song just fit beautifully and I'm glad I could do it some justice :)
Aww, thanks. I really admire what you did with the layers in this one.I never was too good at that sort of thing. :)